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We do our best to stay on top of the latest news and local events so we can keep our customers up to date.
Visit this page regularly to get news on the the latest equestrian events in the area along with tips and stories designed to keep you - and your horses - healthy and active. If you have a story or event you would like to see posted, email it to us and include contact information.


Caring For Horses in Extreme Heat   By Erica Larson

Nearly half of the country is battling extreme summer heat, and many horse owners are struggling to help their horses adjust, stay healthy, and remain comfortable. Are you? Click HERE

Train Your Horse for Showmanship    By Patty Brumley

Teach your horse the six basic maneuvers that allow you to
compete in showmanship at halter — and that put a fingertip
finesse handle on any horse
. Click HERE

7 Most Common Horse Feeding Mistakes   By Laurie Bonner

We all do our best to feed our horses well--and we generally succeed. And yet knowing what's best doesn't always mean that we do what's best.
Click HERE

Common Equine Dental Problems    By Christine Barakat

Even if your vet helps you peer into your horse's mouth, it can be tricky to recognize bite or wear abnormalities, particularly when they affect the teeth in the farthest reaches of the mouth.
Click HERE

How Toxic is Your Horse Barn?    By Lucinda Dyer

Take these steps to make your barn less toxic and chemically hazardous to you and your horse.
Click HERE

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